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The basic principle of the Montessori philosophy of education
is that each child carries within him or herself
the potential of the adult he or she will become.

Serving children ages 3 through 12

The Classroom

The Classroom

The Prepared Environment of a
Primary Montessori classroom revolves
around tangible experiences. It is designed
to stimulate each child’s curiosity and instill
a lifelong love of learning.
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Programs at our Montessori schools
are defined by the practical application
of sensory-based and self-directed learning
through the authentic Montessori Method.

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Teacher Training

Teacher Training

A course dedicated to preparing
adult learners must have as its guiding
values the fundamental principles upon which
Dr. Maria Montessori based her philosophy.

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Covid 19 Update

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it changes daily.

Click below to view protocols that will be in place for the beginning of school but could be changed if the situation warrants it
Our Maitland Montessori graduate Oxford University bound student

My experience at Maitland Montessori

By Enzo Cunanan, Maitland Montessori Valedictorian

As I prepare to study at the second-oldest university in the world, graduating as one of four class valedictorians, I cannot help but look back fondly on my memories of Maitland Montessori. The teachers there (special shout-out to Mr. Owens and Mrs. Talbert especially!) were kind and nurturing towards my young autistic self in a way I doubt many public school teachers would have been.

It is in this spirit of independent thinking that I prepare to study history at Oxford, an ocean away.

It was in Maitland Montessori that I first developed a love for learning, precisely because of the open-ended teaching philosophy. I was the one learning and exploring...

Celebrating Our Students

Even though COVID has locked us all down, our students have kept their spirts high!

We would like to celebrate their commitment to continued education at home.

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Don't just take our word for it

Listen to some testimonials of real parents and teachers

Rather than simply teaching them a set of facts to memorize, it's actually teaching them a construct for how to think.... I can tell you once they get outside the walls of acedemia, knowing how to think has been one of the best things that has helped me in my career

Javier Gallegos

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