2 1/2 to 6 Year Old
Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Program

(MACTE Accredited - AMS-Affiliated)

A course dedicated to preparing adult learners must have as its guiding values the fundamental principles upon which Dr. Maria Montessori based her philosophy.  By adhering to the same philosophy with our adult learners, students who take our course will develop a love for the Montessori principles and philosophy that will continue long past the completion of their credential.

Since Montessori emphasized each learner's active participation, this course focuses on the active participation of each student through such opportunities as written assignments, illustrated teaching manuals, peer demonstrations, and evaluations.

We foster an atmosphere of positive cooperation among all the individuals involved in the program.  To implement this belief, we include closely supervised self-evaluation, constructive criticism, and emphasis on objective evaluation.

WHY THIS COURSE?          

  • Lecturers are fully qualified in Montessori philosophy and materials. They are based locally and easily accessible throughout the year. Visiting specialists add to the dynamics of the course.

  • All classes are taught in a fully equipped Montessori school. Maitland Montessori School is an AMS-accredited school.

  • Maitland Montessori Teacher Education Program, Level 2 1/2 through 6, holds accredited status for its 2 1/2 through 6 teacher education certification program from MACTE through the year 2025.

  • Maitland Montessori School is available for additional practice, at no extra cost, if requested or required.


The program consists of 300 hours covering:

  • Philosophy/Theory (Foundational)
  • Child Development/Psychology
  • Early Childhood Observation (Foundational [includes 20 classroom observation hours])
  • Practical Life/Daily Living (Core)
  • Sensorial (Core)
  • Mathematics (Core)
  • Language Arts (Core)
  • Culture:  Physical and Life Science, Social Studies (Core)
  • Classroom Leadership/Environmental Design/ Core/Parent Involvement/Education
  • Year-Long Project


The course requires a teaching practicum of 540 hours in an approved practicum site under the guidance of an experienced Montessori teacher.

Final Examinations

  • Final examinations given include:
  • an exam on Montessori materials,
  • an exam on Montessori principles and philosophy course, and
  • one practical examination in which the student demonstrates the ability to use the Montessori materials and discuss the philosophy and purposes underpinning the materials.

Upon successful completion of the course and fulfillment of financial obligations, the program director will recommend the graduate for an AMS credential.


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