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Javier Gallegos - Parent

Rather than simply teaching them a set of facts to memorize, its actually teaching them a construct for how to think.... I can tell you once they get outside the walls of acedemia, knowing how to think has been one of the best things that has helped me in my career

Javier Gallegos

Ericka Roberts - Parent

I have found that Montessori has taught our son Bennett how to be a self starter, how to be independant, how to get his work done, and we really don't have to do anthing as parents as far as his work goes. All we do is maybe follow up and ask some questions.

Ericka Roberts

Kathy Beresheim - Teacher

My older son realized what a benefit Montessori was, when he was in college he thanked me for his Montessori education because he saw so many kids struggling at school, and he knew that his Montessori foundation helped him throughout all those years.

Kathy Beresheim

Sade Brown - Parent

What I love about the Montessori here, at Maitland, is that it is very family oriented... Theres ways for you to get involved, there are programs and playdates outside of Montessori Schools. Also if I say I prefer my daughter to not do "X" they will enforce that so i think that a lot of my values, they value.

Sade Brown

Jennifer Quinn - Parent

I think the foundation she is getting is mostly within herself, her self awareness, and her self confidence. She feels very capable and she is told she is capable... and that is a really great foundation because that's the kind of thing you want in an employee, someone working at a company, or as a partner. That's like the biggest thing, her own foundation.

Jennifer Quinn



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