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Early Childhood (3–6)

The Montessori method of education gives children ages 3–6 unique opportunities to learn more thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently through experience, guidance, and practice. The Montessori educator is the dynamic link to the environment, providing a peaceful, ordered, caring context to support learning and advancement of the skills inherently being sharpened at this important period of development. All roads point toward independence and active connection to the world.

Lower Elementary (6–9)

The Montessori 6–9 curriculum maximizes exploration, creativity, and independent learning. The world of the child is full of movement, and we prepare the environment with beautiful materials and ample opportunity to connect with nature. This approach facilitates growth and fosters peace while keeping up with the busy and active bodies and brains of young children.

Upper Elementary (9–12)

The Montessori Upper Elementary Environment is a beautiful place to grow and learn ... and to teach! The Maitland 9–12 curriculum prepares the Montessori educator to continue to ignite the imagination of the child by modeling a natural wonder about the world and guiding students while they strive to make sense of their experiences in it.

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