6 to 9 Year Old
Montessori Teacher Education Program Elementary I Course

(MACTE Accredited - AMS-Affiliated)

Please contact the main office for details on Part A and B schedules at (407) 628-0019.

WHY THIS COURSE?          

  • Lecturers are fully qualified in Montessori philosophy and materials. They are based locally and easily accessible throughout the year. Visiting lecturers add to the dynamics of the course.
  • All classes are housed in a fully equipped Montessori school that is accredited by AMS.
  • Maitland Montessori Teacher Education Program, Level 6 to 9, holds accredited status MACTE through the year 2024.
  • Maitland Montessori School is available for additional practice, at no extra cost, if requested or required.


The course requires a teaching practicum of 1080 hours in an approved practicum site under the guidance of an experienced Montessori teacher.

  • The classroom must be within the 6 to 9 age range for the child.
  • Students will write monthly reports about lessons they teach.
  • During the practicum, the adult learner is evaluated by a Montessori consultant a minimum of three times, will prepare teacher-made materials for the classroom, and will prepare a year-long project.
  • An adult learner needs to work in a 6 to 9 classroom under the supervision of a teacher who has a minimum of one year of teaching experience in a 6 to 9 classroom.
  • A self-directed practicum can be done if the student qualifies. Please ask for details.

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